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About Us

History of the Farm 

The property that Sprucedale Farms is located on was settled in the late 1920s by Alexander Prouty. He sold the property in the 1930s to Ensi & Aili Hakala (Jon's paternal grandparents). In the 1940s the current house was built and work began on the farm. 

Ensi and Aili rasied chickens for eggs and had over 1,000 birds on the property every year. In the winter months Ensi logged the property with a team of workhorses and later skidders. 

Ensi and Aili went on to raise three children, the youngest was Jon's father Harold. Harold and his wife Margit took over the farm and ran it as a potato farm for many years before Harold pursued a career in logging. Together Harold and Margit raised 3 children. 

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Our Products

Our products are made from the finest Swiss chocolate. When possible we purchase as many local ingredients as possible, including from:

- Rose N Crantz Coffee

- Sleeping Giant Brewery

At this time we do not offer sugar free or dairy free products. We are testing recipes with hope this is something we can offer in the future at a resonable price.


Fudge has a shelf life of approx. 3 months when kept in a cool dry area. 

To prolong the life of fudge store in the fridge for up to 6 months and the freezer for up to a year. 

Sprucedale Farms Chocolate products should be store in a cool dry space.

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Our Packaging

Our "plastic packaging" is from Good Natural and is made of 99% plant based products. 

The sampler and decorative packaging we use is made from kraft paper and can be composted once the plastic window is removed.

We make efforts to keep our footprint a little greener and are always looking for greener alternatives. 

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