Chick Ordering Season

Mother Nature cannot seem to decide what season it is, which is not surprising for northwestern Ontario. It’s like something right off of Lord of Rings, we have second and third winter before we get spring!

With this unusually early nice weather it’s easy to look out the window and think spring is finally here. I don’t know if I’m a realist or a pessimist but I’m never entirely sure spring is here until mid May.

The signs are certainly here with day time highs about 0 degrees Celsiu, my sprouting seeds and snow melting. But the surest sign of spring is the advertisements for spring chicks!

I love ordering chicks! Each year I have my fantasy flock (kind of like fantasy football where anything goes and money is no concern), then there is my actual flock, what I can afford to house and buy.

Our favourite birds to order and raise are “exotic” birds. We love having a variety of different breeds and unique looks and personalities. We do order some birds for practical reasons as well of course. I will be writing a post about the birds once we get them.

Other than the joy of having birds our primary reason for raising a flock is fresh eggs. With exotics it’s a gamble whether you will get females or males but we cross our fingers for mostly females so we can get more eggs!

There is nothing like farm fresh eggs. You can see and taste the difference between a good healthy farm raised egg and a big market egg producer. The truly free range birds lay beautiful dark yolk egg. The pale yellow yolks are signs of grain fed only birds.

We order our birds through the Kakabeka Depot, if you’re in our area, we highly recommend them. The owner Is highly knowledgeable and is full of recommendations when starting with a flock or other farm animals.

Another great place for all your hobby farm needs is the Thunder Bay Co-op. Their staff is very knowledgeable about all your farming needs.

Both places are great, but I recommend Kakabeka for hobby farming and the co-op for large scale farming.

But enough about my favourite farm supply stores I want to give you a list of the birds I ordered and what you can look forward to this spring!

  1. Red Frizzle Chickens

  2. Buff Silkie Chickens

  3. Buff Ducks

  4. Swedish Blue Crested Ducks

  5. Buff Orpington Chickens

  6. Chinese Geese

  7. Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens

I can’t wait to share the chicks, ducklings and goslings with you this spring!

From our family to yours we hope you have a lovely Easter and long weekend with your loved ones!

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