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Christmas Traditions

When Jon married me I do not think he had any clue what he was getting into when it came to Christmas. I love Christmas mostly because I love the traditions that go along with it!

I was so eager to start our own traditions when we got married even if it seemed silly for just the two of us. When we had kids my passion for Christmas traditions grew. Now the kids are at that perfect holiday age where everything is so exciting and magical, Christmas has just become so special to us.

I want to share our top 5 Christmas traditions with you but more importantly I want to hear about what you do to make the holidays extra special!

5. Decorating & the Penguins

I love decorating the house inside and out. We opt for a blue, white and silver look that hangs around all winter long because it’s not as Christmasy as say red and green. A lot of our decorations are also penguin themed (totally me not Jon at all!). My winter penguin collection started almost as soon as we got married. I wanted something that was a little more rare to find (not like Santa’s) and that could stay up for the winter (not snowmen, that’s my mom). I honestly couldn’t tell you how many I have now but I’m very lucky Jon put up with my crazy collection.

We also love decorating outside. That’s mostly Jon’s department but he had a great eye for it! Our outdoor lights for the most part are white and simple. We have a few little things in the yard that bring a smile to the face such as our skating Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Olaf and Mulder’s dog house has large colourful lights. I love coming home in the dark over winter and really enjoying the look.

4. Elf on a Shelf

We of course didn’t adopt this tradition until we had kids but this one is lots of fun. I could say so much about this tradition which I why I will be writing a whole post on ideas for Elf on a Shelf.

The kids love finding Lumi (our Elf’s name) every morning leading up to Christmas. Lumi doesn’t just hide every day sometimes he gives the kids instructions/ activities for what they can do each day. I find this especially useful when the kids are off school and I am busy preparing for the holidays. For some ideas on activities we do stay tuned for my post also watch my Instagram story daily to see where Lumi is every day!

3. Christmas Movies

A Christmas Movies a beloved tradition mostly by me I think because I love movies in general. The hardest part I find is picking a movie because there are so many to choose from! From December 1st we watch Christmas movies or shows every evening. I especially love watching the kids movies (old and new) with the kiddos.

Tune into my Instagram story every day to see what we’re watching starting December 1st!

2. Food

Weight be damned Christmas is a time for eating! Not just baking I love doing dips and special meals just for the holidays!

I love making treats and foods just for the Holidays! And the kids love to be included in the baking and cookie decorating part. I do an excessive amount of baking over the holidays because I often bring a tray of goodies when we go visiting over the Holidays.

This year I will be sharing most of my holiday recipes (I won’t be sharing my fudge recipes 😉) on social media! Make sure you check it out closer to Christmas!

1. A Real Tree

I have had a real Christmas tree my whole life and there was no changing that when we got married.

When I was a kid we would go Christmas tree hunting with my best friend Skylar and her family. It was a whole day excursion in addition to finding the perfect “Charlie Brown” tree we would go skating and sledding. Lunch would be hot dogs and marshmallows roasted over a fire and we would watch our dads cut down the trees. It is one of my fondest memories from childhood and it makes me so happy that we do it with our kids now too.

I love Christmas traditions and I would love to know what you and your family do over the holidays. Leave a comment and let me know!

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