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For All You Do - Thank You Mom

I did not wake up to breakfast in bed, not even a cup of coffee. This was mostly because my son decided that it was extremely important to come into our room and inform me at 6:30 am that he had to pee. I can't get mad he's the reason I am lucky enough to be called mom and that I even get to celebrate such a special day. Jon surprised me with flowers, a bottle of wine and a 2 year subscription to Hobby Farms Magazine! He knows me so well.

It’s hard during this chaos to be away from the ones we love, especially during special occasions like Mother’s Day.

We’re lucky enough to have some pretty incredible mothers in our lives including my own mom, my grandmother, Jon’s mom, Jon’s sister (who I’ve always admired for her super mom skills) and the kids godmother. We may be apart but there are still ways to acknowledge and appreciate everything moms do for us.

I gathered the kids up on Friday and Saturday for some baking and some handmade cards for the special mothers in our lives.

We packaged up the snacks and cards for delivery on Sunday. My mother and sister in laws got a bit of an extra treat as Jon and I had also just made some suolakalaa (Salt fish).

Our thank you mom packages included:

· Suolakalaa (Jon’s family only)

· Biscotti

· A handmade card

· A potted flower, we didn't tell them what it was but hopefully when it grows and blooms it will bring a smile to their faces.

· Cake

Jon's family is Finnish and very in touch with their culture. I really enjoy that about Jon’s family and I love making him Finnish food like pankcakes and Suolakalaa, because I know he loves it! Stay tuned for a post on how I learned to make Suolakalaa.

We took the kids for a ride Sunday to drop off all the packages on the doorsteps of mothers, grandmothers and godmothers alike.

The kids don’t quite understand why they have to social distance but we explain to them that there are bad germs out there right now and that once they are gone we’ll be able to give hugs and kisses to those we haven’t seen in awhile.

We at Sprucedale Farms want to thank all the moms out there for everything they do. For the long sleepless nights, for the meals made with love, for being a shoulder to cry on and so much more!

Thank you mom.

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