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Seed Starting

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start the plant, especially with our most recent dump of snow. I have started some of my seeds extra early this year because I have bad luck growing certain plants from seed.

Tomato and peppers, I find are the hardest to start from seed. I don’t know why I have such bad luck, but I do.

I start my seeds in our basement. We have a south facing window that lets in some great light. The seedlings thrive down there, but I can’t wait to move the seedlings out to the greenhouse!

Jon built me a greenhouse last fall, it’s amazing, but it is simple and not heated. the greenhouse has been getting amazing daytime highs but it is still dipping below freezing at night. I will move my seedlings into the greenhouse once the night time temperatures stay above freezing at night for at least two weeks.

Along with peppers and tomatoes, I also started my cucumbers, pumpkins, flowers, squash and herbs. So far everything has popped up except my squash and pumpkins, which is a little disappointing.

As recommended by my multitude of gardening books, I started multiple seeds in one pot. Once the seedlings are a couple inches high I separate the plants into larger, individual pots. I bury the seedlings as deep as possible to strength the plant. This step is very important with tomatoes and peppers, the stems will produce roots which will help anchor the plant.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about my plants and the research I’ve done on each and every plant. I’m happy to share my research and the progress of each plant.

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