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The Farm Partner - A Tribute

I want to dedicate this post to my Farm Partner and Husband Jon. Father's Day is a great day to write this tribute to my husband and father of our kids!

Let me start by saying that technically you don't need a partner to run a farm but it is certainly a great benefit. And this partner does not need to be a spouse or life partner, it could be a friend or family member or a neighbour that likes to help out occasionally. It's nice to have someone in your life to share you dreams and accomplishments and get through the failures with. It's also nice to have someone help you with the tasks and chores, sometimes jobs on the farm need 2 people.

Before I met Jon I had horses and knew I wanted to the space to care for them when I moved out of my parents place. Other than a few horses, dogs and cats I had no ambition for other Farm animals. Jon was the first to inspire the idea of a Hobby Farm, growing our own food and raising a wider assortment of animals became an interest to both of us.

We both have significate roles to play on this journey, and our roles compliment each other significantly. For example I am the dreamer, my ideas and thoughts of the future often get a little out of control and become overwhelming, Jon grounds me, helps me to focus on the current details before biting off more than we can chew.

I am not one to hold to gender norms but the two of us tend to fit into the norms. Jon will do a lot of the power tool jobs (he's teaching me), the heavy lifting and the grunt work, I'm more like his assistant when it comes to the tougher jobs and I come up with some of the plans of certain projects for the two of us to execute. One farm job we work on together is getting the fire wood prepped for winter. Jon will often cut and split the firewood while I pile it. I'll be inspired by an idea on pintrest for something in the chicken coop and he uses the power tools to make it happen. He will rototill and help me turn over the gardens while I do most of the planning and planting. In my opinion we are the perfect compliment to each other. It just works for us.

If I was on my own I know I would be depending on contractors for certain things like building a chicken coop or building a fence but that would cost lots of money and there would be no real financial benefit, in the short term anyway.

There is also a lot for Jon and I to learn about farming and that's what also makes it lots of fun, we get to learn things together and try new things together. Its an ever changing adventure and I can't imagine sharing this journey with anyone but him.

So a big Happy Father's Day to my husband and all the dad's out there, whether you be a dad, a grandfather, an uncle, a godfather, we wish you a wonderful day from Sprucedale Farms!

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