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Tomatoes, Onions & Garlic Oh My! - Picking Plants for Us

Choosing what to plant in your garden is an entirely personal experience. You want to pick plants that can actually grow well in your area, and if the ones you want can’t, then you have to make accommodations for them.

When we were picking seeds for the garden we focused on plants that would grow well in our zone and plants we could start indoors early. The other thing we of course had to consider was what we would be using the harvest for.

In our area of Northwestern Ontario, we have a very short growing season. It’s mid May now and the temperature just stopped dipping below freezing overnight. We do not currently have a greenhouse which limits our growing period. We rely on a small table in our house under a south facing window to grow our plants. We’re limited to what we can start indoors due to the small space on the table.

Most of the veggies we chose were simply because we enjoy eating them the most. Others we selected for a specific purpose like pumpkins for pies, and peppers and tomatoes for sauces and salsa. We started what we could indoors in old egg cartons and starter pots called Jiffy Pots.

Here is a list of what we started indoors:












We will also be planting the following directly outdoors:







Some of the plants like the Tomatoes and Peppers we will grow in planters on our south facing deck to ensure that they stay warm. C’s strawberries will also be put into a planter on the deck to control the spread of them. The rest of the plants will be headed to the raised bed garden to grow.

On a side note, other than strawberries and trimming our current fruit trees we won’t be focusing much on growing fruit this year. I’d really like to focus on it next year as the kids and I love our fruit! Stay tuned on how Jon and I will be learning to prune our fruit trees this year.

You may or may not have notice that I have not broached the subject of herbs. I am a herb fanatic, nothing exotic really, but the common herbs for sure. I LOVE them! They deserve their own post. So stay tuned.

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