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Tracking Tracks

One of my New Years resolutions for 2021 is to get out and walk more (get fit) and the other resolution was to work with Mulder on getting him off leash when I’m outdoors with him. Mulder is a husky and he has a strong desire to wander when he gets off leash.

I can honestly say I’ve been keeping my resolutions but my work with Mulder has been quite difficult, especially when we find tracks on the trail that make him want to wander.

One day when we were out for our walk (Mulder on leash) we came across some tracks in the field and some scat. To me it looked like feline prints and scat, but too big to be a house cat. I was certain it was a lynx or a bobcat. My husband was certain it was a fox. These tracks were all over where I walk, even following the bush trails I use.

I did some research on the tracks that night and it turns out either of us could have been right. Fox, bobcat and lynx tracks and scat do look very similar.

I grew up in BC and when I was a kid wild predators were a very real danger when spending time in the bush. The biggest worry were cougars and grizzlies, this taught me to have a cautious respect forwards wild animals. Needless to say, seeing tracks on my walking trails makes me incredibly nervous.

Towards the end of my walk I came across some more tracks. These ones really made me nervous because they were huge prints. No doubt they were wolf prints. We have seen a lone wolf hanging around down the road but this is the first evidence we’ve seen on the property. Wolves, especially lone wolves, make me incredibly nervous and I have been hesitant to venture into bush trails now.

We decided to put out our game camera to see what exactly has been wandering on the property. It turns out my hubby was right, we do have a fox. I think a part of me was hoping to see something different on the game camera, foxes on our property are old news. They come all the time, especially when we have raised birds in the past, along with other annoying bird predators (skunks, weasels etc).

I use to really love foxes because they are so beautiful, but when you have a flock of birds on a farm they are not so wonderful. We've lost countless birds to foxes and it is not very fun when the foxes wake you up in the dead of the night. If you've never heard the cry of a fox, please check out this youtube video. The noise at night is terrifying!


We are still certain that the big tracks we found are from a wolf and the game camera is back out in the bush, we are really hoping to catch the big guy on camera. I will post any exciting pictures we get on the game camera on my Instagram page @sprucedalefarmsgillies be sure to check it out!

We'll be keeping a close eye on the wildlife in the upcoming months as we plan to get more birds this spring. It's good to know what is on the property and how close they are willing to come up to the yard.

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