Utility Trailer Rebuild

I’m of the belief that every country home that has a four-wheeler needs a utility trailer. I like having a light trailer to pull behind the four-wheeler because it causes minimal damage to the ground when doing yard work.

We have a trailer for the four-wheeler, but it is not big enough for the kind of work that we want to do around here. And by we, I mean my wife wants me to do.

I had a broken-down trailer that was rotting away for years behind the garage. Not only was it rotting away, the trailer hitch was also bent. I knew this trailer would be light enough for the four-wheeler and heavy enough for the yard work.

The trailer is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and is a single axle.

The back end of the trailer frame was completely rotted and beyond repair.

I had to cut out a piece of the hitch that was damaged, I used more bed frame pieces to make the necessary repairs. Then to ensure the trailer hooked up to the four-wheeler I had to drop the hitch down three inches and extend it by another foot. This made the tongue of the trailer weak, so, I added extra support brackets from the tongue to the frame.

My wife picked a green paint to match our logo and together we painted the frame. We used tremclad paint to extend the life of the trailer. I also stained the treated wood that I would be using for the sides of the trailer.

Once everything was dry I installed a ¾ inch pressure treated piece of plywood for the deck of the trailer using carriage bolts. I chose carriage bolts because they’ll make the trailer easier to keep clean and so the kids are comfortable

when riding in it.

I build the sides using 1x6 boards bolted into 2x4 stakes. The 2x4s sit tight in the stake pockets of the trailer. I didn’t bolt them in because I wanted to them to be removable so that we could move bigger things.

The cost to make this trailer was relatively low because I had a lot of the required materials already here. I did have to buy the wood and paint all of which came in under $150.00.

Now we have a nice little yard trailer. All that’s left to do is to teach my wife how to back it up.

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