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Welcome to Sprucedale Farms

Our hobby farm is nestled in Northwestern Ontario in the rural area known as Gillies Township. Jon’s family settled this land in the 1940's and it has been in the family ever since. His grandparents farmed the property and lived off the land in their time here. At the time they called it Sprucedale Farms and developed a booming chicken egg business. Jon’s parents did a little hobby farming during their time on the farm as well.

Jon and I have been living at the farm since we got married in 2013. I’ve always dreamed of turning it back into a hobby farm. Jon took a little convincing. It took a few years but now with a little time on our hands, we want to bring the place back to it’s former glory.

Until recently Jon ran his own business. He gave it up to pursue other interested and more time with our family.

I work a few days a week and also have a side business selling fudge at the local Thunder Bay Country Market. The flexibility that my job and business allows me to help out around the farm on the weekends.

If that wasn’t busy enough, Jon and I also have two kids R is 5 and C is 4. Both are very busy but most of all they love being in the outdoors as much as their dad.

Of course what’s a hobby farm without animals! We have two cats, Rocky and Apollo (yes after the movie) who are excellent mousers and really earn their keep around here. Then there is our first baby, a husky, golden retriever, dalmatian mutt, Mulder (yes after the X-files). His job is just to be cute and loving, mostly because he doesn’t chase away wildlife so much as invite everyone over to play. We once had chickens but that is another story.

This is going to be one exciting journey for us and we are looking forward to taking you along with us.

Welcome to Sprucedale Farms.

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